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Back to the bush.

Separated by time and space what continues to stick with me are the images I carry in my mind.
Africa has left its marks deep under my skin where only I know to look. But I suppose this is true for all the significant events of my life: working for Nols, the CDT, training my horses, and Nikki They all have left tail-tell sign as indelible as the blood trail of the first elk I shot. I suppose I am not the only one who can read these signs. They must show up on how in how I walk, in the joy in my face as I watch a kudu cow come to drink, her over sized ears swiveling to catch the sounds of my breath. The twinge of sweet pain as we eat our wild game, and the way my horse comes to me when he could walk away. Sun sets and snow fields make me want to cry. Not because they are sad. But because the beauty is too much for one short life to hold. If I am not carful my skin can feel too raw. Emotions and landscapes rip across it leaving road-rash of the mind. But this too can be sweet.
Sharing always seems to help though. So I will leave my images for you to look at. And hopefully if you open your mind up and try to feel with all the fibers you have, you might get the feeling of the soft Africa sand under your toes.. The heat and tang of the Kalahari wind. The grounded human smell of the Xuma and Guta as they tell the story of the past night.

Here is some of the stories I wake to when I come out of dreams.

Walk with me.
I am traveling.

Water lily in maun

Painted dogs sing to each other.

Serda, the orphan liones.

The bushmen, feeding .Walking the bridge between the death of the burro and the life of the lion.

Jon centering, finding north

Should there be two words for water and life?


Or is life water?

We all need to learn a few stories to pass on.

This bushman could teach grandma to suck eggs.


Kaden, learning from his elders.


Guta explaining a bit of the world.

Healing comes from the trance dance. Don’t ask it just works.
Don’t look for logic ,it may turn something beautiful in to something ugly and unrecognizable. (Ingwe paraphrased )

Hanama blending with the bush.


Fritz glows form within as well!


A link is formed.








Thank you for traveling with me in the Kalahari.

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  1. Harriet Elkington (Gran) #

    Thank you! I love the pictures and I especially loved what you wrote. Ingwe’s words about the healing almost made me cry. Logic is important, but standing by itself it really can destroy. It somehow made me remember St. Exupery’s words–what is essential is invisible to the eye. I felt energized and enriched by reading what you wrote and seeing again those wonderful pictures.

    May 14, 2012
  2. Bob LeResche #

    Thank you, Jeffrey. These are brilliant.

    May 14, 2012

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